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Tweakments. The latest trend in non-surgical aesthetics for 2021

Last year, the year we’ll never forget, Zoom video conferencing became a way to stay connected. It was a lifesaver in staying in touch with colleagues at work and family from afar. But it also meant we’ve regularly faced an image of ourselves staring back at us in the corner of the screen. For many, […]

Dermablading and LED Light Therapy: Wiping 2020 off your face.

If you want a treatment that gives you an instant boost and allows your makeup to glide over your face for a flawless, luminous glow, then we’ve got the perfect pre-event treatment.  What is Dermablading? If you’re yet to try dermablading then now’s the perfect time to come in for a close shave giving you […]

Synergie Skin

Synergie Skin: The A – Z of Medical Grade Skincare

If you flip the label of your favourite skincare and check the list of ingredients, you’ll find most have a long list of ingredients. Depending on what type of product it is, amongst those ingredients, you’ll find the mainstays of the cosmetic industry. Active ingredients, all in the cosmetic and scientific industry agree, are proven […]

Skin Nutrition

Skin Nutrition: The ABC’s of Skin Health

We’re always encouraging the use of effective skincare. From years of personal experience, I know how important it is, and I’ve seen first hand how it can keep the skin in good health. Any skin being supplied with good topical nutrition will cope better with environmental stress and responds so much better to clinical treatments. […]


Rosacea: What’s Causing it and 5 Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

What is rosacea? Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease and is a medical condition. The cause of rosacea is not known. But if you have it, then you know it can be a challenge to treat and manage. Whatever the underlying cause for rosacea, one thing we do know is, extremes in temperature aggravate it […]

A basic skincare routine for men

A basic 3 step skincare routine for men.

Guy’s we need to talk. It’s time to fess up. It’s time to stop sneaking around. It’s been going on for so long we don’t think we can trust you anymore. So. It stops today! Of course, we’re talking about a basic skincare routine. Ah yes, the men in our lives. They’ve come a long way. […]


Tighten sagging skin with Ultraformer III – HIFU

One of the things I love about my job is the way a specialised treatment or a skincare routine can change the way you feel about yourself. For me, seeing a change in someone’s confidence is both gratifying and rewarding, and it’s what I love most about what I do. We all want to look […]