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The Benefits of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Does sagging, dull skin concern you? Perhaps a radiofrequency treatment is the answer. Firstly, we’ll perform a free skin consultation and diagnosis to determine your needs and anticipated outcomes. Then we’ll discuss all the skin treatment options available to you.

Radiofrequency devices have been successfully used in skin rejuvenation treatments to reduce wrinkles and laxity by tightening and firming for many years. Heat is gently and painlessly applied to the skin’s deeper layers while maintaining the integrity of the skin’s surface intact. Which is great, because that means you can get on with your day – no downtime. The upside is in the short term, you’ll experience an ever so slight increase in volume over the bony areas like cheekbones and jawline – it’s a perfect pre-party / red carpet treatment.

Using radiofrequency, we will heat the skin to about 40-41C and maintain that temperature for a predetermined period of time. This relaxing, gentle heating causes shortening of the collagen fibres. Mild inflammation of the collagen structures stimulates new collagen and elastin production, which in turn creates a tighter and firmer appearance.

To obtain maximum benefit, you will need 6-8 treatments, sometimes more, sometimes less. Your skin is as individual as you are. Perhaps a package of combination treatments would give you the best outcome.

RF can be combined with our other non-invasive skin treatments like IPL, micro-needling or epidermal levelling. A treatment usually takes about 40min, combining the treatment with other modalities will take a little longer.

Why not follow up your Radio Frequency treatment with an LED treatment to get those skin cells working at their optimum. If your skin is looking dull and lifeless, RF combination treatments are the way to boost skin health and get you ready for the upcoming summer party season.

We’d be more than happy to discuss radiofrequency skin tightening with you at a  skin consultation appointment. You can book online at or call us on 02 8034 2140.